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Rename a world in Minecraft Pi

Posted: March 31, 2014 by schoolpiclub in Minecraft Pi


The building of our school in Minecraft Pi (MCPI) is going well so far. However we noticed that the worlds in MCPI are just called ‘world’, ‘world-‘ and our school was ‘world–‘. In order to avoid confusion we wanted to see how to rename the worlds. Our world has now been successfully renamed.

Here are the instructions on how to rename a world in Minecraft Pi:-

  1. Open up ‘File Manager‘ and click ‘View‘. Then tick the box that says ‘Show Hidden‘.
  2. Lots of folders will now appear. Look for one will called ‘.minecraft‘ and open it.
  3. Then open ‘games‘ dictionary, then the ‘com.mojang‘ dictionary and finally the ‘minecraftWorlds‘ dictionary.
  4. In here will be all the folders for your worlds. They will be named ‘world‘, ‘world-‘, ‘world–‘ etc. To rename the world, just right-click on one of these folders and click ‘Rename‘. Then just type what you want the world to be named.