Fun with Cannybots

Posted: May 2, 2015 by schoolpiclub in General News

Thankfully it’s a Bank Holiday weekend so I have extra time on my hands to get ready for Monday evening’s Raspberry Jam. This morning (Saturday) two parcels from arrived!

Two little Cannybots, some accessories, a racetrack and the Pi_mazing Maze!!

One cannybot was already setup for the Racetrack and can be controlled with an iPhone. Within minutes I had this up and running…which was fab.

Now onto the other Cannybot  – controlled by a Raspberry Pi and Scratch. I’m still in the process of getting this up and running, think it’s my bluetooth dongle that’s causing the delay…..but watch this space. I shall be bringing the Cannybots to the Preston Raspberry Jam on Monday 4th May



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