Transferring Files from Raspberry Pi to a Computer using FileZilla

Posted: April 8, 2014 by schoolpiclub in General News


Whilst working on another time-lapse video recently I discovered it isn’t easy to transfer the images from my Raspberry Pi to my computer. For this particular time-lapse there were 786 images. In the past I’ve tried compiling the videos using the Pi but I found this process rather slow. I’ve also tried uploading the images to dropbox on the Pi but with 786 images this was taking a considerable amount of time.

I looked into mounting a USB but could not get it to transfer the files (permission problems) – I think I need to spend a bit more time on that.

Whilst searching the internet for different ways to transfer files from the Pi directly to a computer I discovered FileZilla, it’s a FREE FTP solution. My Pi was connected via WiFi on the same network as my MacBook and I already had SSH enabled on my Pi. I then followed the YouTube video tutorial below and it worked like a dream, all 786 images copied within minutes.


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