Today’s HackJam Event at UCLAN

Posted: October 6, 2013 by schoolpiclub in General News

Another successful HackJam event took place today at the UCLAN Media Factory. The event was organised and host by Alan O’Donohoe aka @Teknoteacher (

The theme for the day was Play, Hack, Share. Today we looked at hacking the Python game ‘Wormy’ on a Raspberry Pi. Abilities varied – as does at most of these events – but there was no shortage of knowledge in the room.

For those who have never used Python before these events are a great opportunity to get started. Three months ago I didn’t even own a Raspberry Pi and I had never used Python. Now I am running a Raspberry Pi Club at school and I’m a regular attendee at the Raspberry Jam and HackJam events. I’ve never once felt out of my depth and I would recommend these events to anyone who is interested in computer science and coding.

What I have picked up from today’s event, we shall be exploring further at our School Pi Lunch Club. Until today I didn’t even know that if you pressed the ‘up’ arrow key in LX Terminal it would copy the line above without having to type the text again!…this may seem a simple function to most but it’s something I didn’t know until today.

At the end of the event we all shared what we had been working on, one young man had even incorporated ‘wormy’ into Minecraft whilst others had been working on MySQL. I thought it would be an opportunity to take some photo stills with the Raspberry Pi camera, my son and I are now trying to figure out how to put them into a time lapse video.

Raspberry Jam’s take place the first Monday evening of every month at UCLAN Media Factory. The next one is tomorrow (7th Oct) and it’s a sell out!…..thank goodness we’ve already got our tickets!


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